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About Us


Hello my wonderful sheep! I am the CEO, the devastatingly handsome founder and creative mastermind behind World Domination! the game.

I’m here to inspire you all to future greatness. Like a proud father I see the potential in each of you; the silent urge for power like a splinter under the skin, an itching that you’re longing to scratch.

So start playing World Domination! today. Glory, power, prestige and an unprecedented amount of female eye contact await you.

You my friends have got some conquering to do!

Bosko – Head Creative

Bosko is our Head Creative, responsible for the amazing art you see throughout the World Domination! game. Without our resident Mad Italian, there would be no World Domination!

We all owe a great deal of debt to our inspirational artist, and as a token of our appreciation we keep him plied with a dangerous amount of expresso at all times – after all, time shouldn’t be wasted sleeping when there’s drawing to be done…

Let’s just hope he never manages to chew through the bars of his cage and escape!

Waldorf – Head of Legal

Here at World Domination! we accept that, from time to time, mistakes can and will inevitably happen. When such an unfortunate incident occurs it falls to our delicate wall flower Waldorf, our Head of Legal, to sort the problem.

Waldorf employs the lightest touch to customer complaints, whilst obviously HR matters also take up much of his time; mainly keeping HR away from Bosko and his current ‘living arrangements’.

For the most part Waldorf enjoys his work, and has even been known to keep the odd trophy over the years from some of his more persistent sparring partners. He’s amassed quite the collection of limbs!

You’ve been warned!

Nicole – Head of Security

Our dark beauty Nicole is as vicious as she is stunning. Here at World Domination! we tend to move very slowly and very quietly around our Head of Security. Please, don’t be taken in by her feminine wiles; Nicole lives on the very edge of sanity and is notoriously unpredictable. She can often be found jabbering manically to herself, particularly before her morning coffee.

At such time’s its best to give her a wide berth. We recommend several or so miles, just to be safe…

H – The Intern

Like all ‘kids these days’, don’t expect any sense from H. If he’s not engrossed in one of his many games consoles, he’s eating everyone’s snacks from the fridge. This hoodied menace roams the halls of the World Domination! tower, offering nothing but grunts, dramatic sighs and complaints.

Honestly, we’d dock his wages if we were actually paying him anything!